Reports and Financial Analysis

Effective financial management and business awareness is particularly important in times of crisis, when economic activity is subject to a higher risk. Business decisions made without a thorough economic analysis can result in serious consequences for the company.

WE offer the one-off orders or develop long-term cooperation:

business plans – prepare the investor to start or expand a business, or if interested in obtaining external funding. Our task is to draw up a business plan that includes the descriptive part of the investment and financial analysis.

evaluation of investment projects – are prepared when a customer wants to check whether the proposed investment project is profitable from the financial point of view.

profitability reports – provide information about the margins earned on sales in a variety of distribution channels, sales regions, individual customers, product lines or groups. The purpose of these reports is to detect the factors affecting the profitability of sales in the company.

management reports – are the basis for decision-making related to the current operation of the company and are the basis for the evaluation of operational activities undertaken. Management reports may relate to areas such as those related to sales, inventory, receivables and liabilities.

estimates of cash – cash monitoring is an essential tool for controlling the financial security of the company. Our goal is to create a flow of information in order to quickly provide clients with reports of planned cash balances for several months ahead.

planning and budgeting – “If you do not know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” Setting long and short term goals allows coordination and control of their implementation. It also allows for optimal management of available resources and to evaluate the effectiveness of their use. Prepare budgets for manufacturing, service and trade.

other reports necessary for making economic decisions – such as, to make a choice between forms of investment financing, such as leasing and credit, the use of cash discount, etc.

analysis of the “due diligence” – the purchase of shares in the company to the buyer is associated with a high risk in order to make the right decision so it is worth to audit companies in which we intend to invest. The audit is usually called analysis of “due diligence” and may include various areas such as legal audit, tax audit, the business audit. Analysis of the “due diligence” is conducted in cooperation with a law firm and auditor.

Transfer pricing documentation – is required by law when the income tax taxpayer has transactions with a domestic entity or a foreign entity affiliated with the taxpayer. When transactions exceed the limits specified in the Act it is required to prepare transfer pricing documentation. Transfer documentation requires business experience and knowledge in the field of taxation, which is why we prepare transfer pricing documentation in cooperation with an auditor.

Financial Controlling Outsourcing

Economic activity is related to the need for managers to have systematic and timely information on the financial situation of the company’s operations, potential opportunities and risks. We know that, in particular, young companies are not able to permanently hire a specialist in the field of finance, so in the framework of the long-term cooperation, we offer the service of “outsourced controlling.”

We offer the following services:
• professional support financial and organizational decision-making
• assist in the control of the company’s financial liquidity,
• develop a system for reporting on the financial condition of the company,
• search for optimal solutions for the profitability the company,
• assistance in the monitoring of operating costs,
• the development of the budget and control its implementation,

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