We assist in obtaining financing in the form of:

Loans for:
• working capital and investment,
• mortgage,
• vehicules,
• start-up,

The range of services includes:
• search for the best bank offer or other financial institution,
• assistance in the preparation of documents to the bank,
• opinions and verification of agreements with banks,
• assistance in negotiating contracts.

EU grants:
• analysis of the possibility of obtaining grants and advice in choosing the best solution,
• consultations for matching investments to the requirements of the competition so as to maximize the chances of getting funding,
• preperation of project documentation, including all attachments,
• confidentiality of the request for data and information,
• attractive terms of cooperation,
• additional support at the stage of implementation of the project and settlement of grants.

• Operating,
• Financial.

For more information about our services, training and opportunities for cooperation, please contact us at: