Company formation

Establishing a company in Poland, for example, “sp. z o.o.” (polish equivalent of a limited company) requires the completion of a number of documents and legal formalities. Also the coordination of the whole process is important to ensure the business is able to begin its activities at the desired time.

Our consultants and cooperating lawyers will provide you with advice and explanations at every stage of setting up the company.

By entrusting us with the organization of this process, you get the assurance that not only the registration process goes smoothly, but also that your business assumptions are taken into account for all organizational and legal issues, so that your project will bring you success and satisfaction.

Corporate Secretarial Services

Conducting business as a limited liability company requires compliance with the provisions of the Commercial Code and therefore subject to several formal obligations and procedures. We want our clients to feel comfortable and able to focus on running their business while entrusting us to carry out activities related to corporate administration.

We provide our services on a long-term basis and on-demand.

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