Accounting Office

We offer a full range of accounting services at your location or our offices.

For customers seeking detailed analysis of financial data, we develop a comprehensive chart of accounts, accounting policies and system of document circulation which will reflect the nature and complexity of the business. Our solutions meet the needs of financial reporting and financial management.

By using our services you receive a combination of accounting functions with support in the financial management of the company.

Accounting Office:
• Maintaining full accounts,
• Keeping records of income and expenditures,
• Maintaining records for flat-rate income tax,
• Maintaining records of sales and purchases for VAT purposes,
• Maintaining records of fixed assets, intangible assets and equipment,
• Representing clients before tax authorities,
• Preparation of monthly tax returns,
• Preparation of preliminary and final annual declaration of income tax,
• Preparing GUS reports (Statistics Office),
• Preparation and analysis: balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement,
• Develop a chart of accounts and accounting policies


Payroll services include:

• Registration of employees in the relevant offices,
• Calculation of wages and making transfers of salaries, taxes and social security contributions,
• Preparation and sending of tax and social insurance returns,
• Issuing certificates of employment and certification of work,
• Preparation of various payroll reports,
• Monitoring of terms of medical examinations and health and safety training,
• Prepare and update documents for workers at all stages of employment, including records of holidays, sick leave, etc.

All persons engaged in maintaining accounting records and tax returns for our clients are certified by the Ministry of Finance to provide accounting services.

Our accounting office maintains, as required by law, compulsory errors and omissions insurance and voluntary insurance in the calculation of salaries, social security contributions, FP, FGŚP, PFRON payments.

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